The world is filled with creators and innovators like you, the solopreneur. Everywhere we look art exists, from murals on city streets to billboards splashed with photographs. If you are an artist of any kind, whether an actor, a painter, a make-up artist or a photographer, you are your business. You may be a writer of poetry or novels, a designer of fashion or graphics  or a musician. Any art form can transform into your livelihood. Let Capra Photographer tell your story as an artist.

Through this package, Capra Photography will work with you to create a collection of images that shows the world your talent. We will work together to create images that are useful to your website, blog or social media sites. This will ensure that your story as an artist is told in a visually captivating way. You will be left with a collection of images that illustrates everything about you. You are a maker, and your story deserves to be told.



Behind The Scenes

BTS footage of your film, your photo shoot or you creating your products. Behind the scenes photos give viewers a raw, organic and exclusive look at a project. Often these images can be used for editorial pieces or special publications. They also become a great way to appeal to a new fan base and expose your work to your fans. 

Editorial Piece

Storytelling is the most important part of any editorial piece.  Documentary style photography can tell a story on its own, without words.  We will photograph you at your recording studio on the boards, crafting a piece from your jewelry line, on stage at rehearsal or in a warehouse as your paint a mural. These photos are priceless and will convey your craft in a different way than words or video. 

Cover Shot

Staged and composed photo for your album cover, website cover or promotional materials. This setting can be specialized and crafted for you as a MAKER. 



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