Over the past years, I have spent a lot of time photographing families. I was looking through images a few days ago - and I thought about all of the mother's I have photographed over the years. New mothers, soon to be mothers, expert mothers, grandmothers and mothers who melt at the sight of their daughter as she walks down the aisle on her wedding day - I realized what a gift it has been to photograph them. I have compiled some of my favorites here.

Thank you to my clients and to those who have given me the chance to catch a glimpse of the love you give to your child. I hope that in freezing a moment for you with a photograph, I am able to remind you of the magic you bring to the world as a mother. I hope your Mother's Day was a beautiful one. 

To the world you are a MOTHER, but to your family you are the WORLD.
I GOT it from my Mama
My mother looked into me and saw something worth believing in ,
long before I believed in myself
Life doesn’t come with a manual,
It comes with a MOTHER.
Although I am all grown up
Dressed in lace and pearls,
Remember on my wedding day,
I’m still your little girl.

To close out I thought I would add a couple pictures from my own life. 

This is my Nonna (Italian for Grandmother). She has always been a second mother to me. She loves me through it all and didn't even judge me for the hair style I am rocking in this old photo. 

Below is my mom, hanging out with my dad. I shot these photos of them in my Freshman year of college. I think it captures their essence and especially my mom's crazy, funny, giving spirit. I am lucky to have her as my mom. Raising four kids can be a crazy life long task, but my mom always made it an adventure. She has also been a mom to all her nieces and nephews and godchildren. She really is the center of a much bigger family. I hope to become more like her everyday.