During the late evening of November 13, 2015 Paris was attacked by the terrorists in a series of coordinated events. The attack took place in the form of multiple suicide bombs and mass shootings at cafés, restaurants, city streets and the music venue the Bataclan theatre. 

130 people were killed in the attacks and so many more injured. The attacks left a haunting and chilling energy in the streets of Paris and throughout the world. World leaders responded and cities around the world held vigils. The world slowed that day, as shock set in. Parisians, tourists and students were killed while eating their dinner, watching their favorite band play or simply walking down the street. 

The photos below show the vigil held in the city of Los Angeles, where many French natives gathered to pray for peace. 

The hashtag #PrayforParis became the number one hashtag on all social media sites that day or for the days follow.

The New York Times released a piece that was then shared thousands and thousands of times. It is written here and can be heard by pressing play below the excerpt. 

"La France incarne tout ce que les fanatiques religieux du monde détestent : la joie de vivre par une myriade de petites choses : le parfum d'une tasse de café et des croissants le matin, de belles femmes en robe souriant librement dans la rue, l'odeur du pain chaud, une bouteille de vin que l'on partage entre amis, quelques gouttes de parfum, les enfants qui jouent dans les jardins du Luxembourg, le droit de ne croire en aucun dieu, de se moquer des calories, de flirter, fumer et apprécier le sexe hors mariage, de prendre des vacances, de lire n'importe quel livre, d'aller à l'école gratuitement, jouer, rire, se disputer, se moquer des prelats comme des politiciens, de ne pas se soucier de la vie après la mort.

Aucun pays sur terre n'a de meilleure définition de la vie que les Français".


"France epitomizes what the religious fanatics of the world hate : the joy of living by a myriad of little things : the scent of a cup of coffee and croissants in the morning , beautiful women smiling dress freely in the streets, the smell of hot bread, a bottle of wine that we share with friends, a few drops of perfume, children playing in the gardens of Luxembourg, the right not to believe in any god to make fun of calories, flirting, smoking and enjoying sex outside marriage, taking a vacation, reading any book, going to school for free, play, laugh, argue, make fun of prelates as politicians, not worrying about life after death.

No country on earth has better definition of life as the French . "